January 27th, 2003


on silence, and its place

I'm really beginning to like having the TV off for the hour or so before bed. The stillness of the house, once I start to notice it, is very relaxing and gets me very ready to sleep. The only noises are the ticking of Mr. Clock and the mutter of the fishtank lift pumps; I'm relaxed in my recliner with Ajay sleeping cuddled up next to me... it really makes me realize it's time for bed. So off I'll go in just a second.

I was at my favorite greasy spoon a couple days ago and picked up a newspaper to poke at the crossword puzzle. It was the local paper which always has pretty simple ones (I far prefer the weekly easy-to-hard sequence of the New York Times puzzle but oh well), but someone had already taken a stab at it and not done so well, so a lot of what was filled in was wrong, and in pen, so I was trying to work around that which wasn't easy. And then I noticed that they meant to put "Iraq" in one four-letter spot, but spelled it I R A C. I was pretty amazed. As much as it's been in the news lately, like we're about to go to war against them, you'd think everyone would at least know how to spell it.

And the clue was "Teheran's country", on top of it. Sheesh.

People are dumb. It makes some of the illogical public opinion in this country make a little more sense, I suppose, but no less horrifying.

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