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April 22nd, 2003

just a day

What a blah day. It was nonstop meetings, including an exceedingly unpleasant all-staff meeting in which we got to hear how crappy the state budget is and how we'll all have to Do Our Part and how the lightning isn't striking us but we're still getting rained on, and other metaphors.

It was enough that I went to drink a few beers in campus town after work. That seemed appropriate.

When walking Ajay tonight I ran into an old acquaintance Cindy. She's the (I believe now ex-) wife of a former officemate of mine. She has a big Portuguese Water Dog named Gromit and walks him twice a day along the same path I walk Ajay on, and yet we only meet once every couple of years. Ajay thought Gromit was another Poodle and so got kind of nasty with him, but Gromit turned out to be a big wuss and kept running away. Eventually they both settled down and studiously ignored one another while we walked along and chatted for a while. Cindy never talks about herself, preferring to talk about the dogs and her kids, even when I try to ask HER how SHE is doing, and I always find that kind of odd and off-putting.

So all that made my dog walk much longer than I thought it was going to be, so by the time I got home it was dark and getting rapidly quite cold out, and I was barefoot, so I got a bit of a chill on top of being a little drunk. All I wanted to do when I got home was make a simple dinner and watch some TV.

on new friends

I forgot to mention that Lisa and Nathan got to meet Kate when she was in town last week. We squeezed in time for a couple drinks at a local establishment, but then got so absorbed in conversation that we wound up there for four hours and just about closed the place. Everyone hit it off, we seem to have a ton of common interests, and I was glad that we have more couple-type friends.

I keep looking forward to getting to hang out with them more, and take Ajay over to play with their dog since they, too, got along really well. But Lisa has been down since right after we first met with a bad back injury. She said today she got told it was some kind of degenerative spinal condition, which sounds really... not good. I hope whatever it is, she recovers from it or at least gets back to normal functioning.

It would just fit my whole day to have met an awesome new friend only to have her become, like, incapacitated after just two weeks.



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