April 26th, 2003


Today I

Finished the Friday New York Times crossword. I only got one square wrong... the clue was "Bilingual woman, maybe" and I put "LA NINA" but it was "LATINA". The Friday puzzle is pretty hard (they get harder as the week goes, with Monday's being pretty trivial) so this was kind of an accomplishment for me.

Also did all nine Boxerjam "Power Puzzles" by myself.

Spent five hours at doggy play time... they did get into a fight which wasn't so cool, but it was a short scuffle over a coveted toy, so they did better once we took the toy away from them. It was interesting that after Ajay had had his fill of playing with Murphy, he went around the house gathering up all the toys, piled them up next to me, and then studiously guarded them from Murphy for the rest of the evening.

Started to watch The Believer but then we unanimously decided it wasn't really a good Friday Night film, and switched to Death to Smoochy which really was. I was intrigued enough that I'll want to go back and watch The Believer at some point when I'm willing to be disturbed, made to think, and able to have a long serious conversation afterwards.

Didn't get to talk to Becca at all today.

Demonstrated to one of our most important customer networks that wow, we really are much more competent than our counterparts at another campus. They even made it easy, actually saying at one point "...we'll shoot for next Wednesday, but you know how lazy we are."

For some reason clicked on the "We're hiring!" link on Google's page, and found a Senior Network Engineer opening. Reading the description and requirements, I thought... sure. I can do all that. It's kind of making me think. I can't suddenly be ready to "leave" "move on" whatever, can I?

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