April 27th, 2003


on yardwork

Yea, for the Gods of Internal Combustion and Goddesses of Lawncare have smiled favorably upon me, and I am Grateful.

I was SURE I had done what I could to winterize my lawnmower last fall... giving it a good wash, running it completely out of gas, etc. And yet this afternoon I went to get it ready to mow my lawn (belatedly--it had grown to a shameful length even though it's not even May yet), and was dismayed to find most of a tank of gas still in it. Figuring it had turned to varnish over the winter, I assumed the worst, but topped it off, cleaned it, checked the oil, and started the arduous process of pulling it through repeatedly to try to get it started.

Amazingly, it caught after only half a dozen pulls, died after running rough for a few minutes, restarted after three more pulls, and then settled into a perfect idle. A while later, I had my lawn mowed.

O ye Gods and Goddesses, I shall not forget this bit of grace.

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