May 7th, 2003


more thunderstorms

Kathy's sick, or at least she's throwing up. Other than that she seems her normal chipper self. I'm hoping for the "food poisoning" theory and not the "stomach flu" theory. I don't need to be catching anything from her.

We watched some dumb TV tonight and then she went to bed. I was going to finish the movie but there was yet another line of thunderstorms rolling in. They looked REALLY big and nasty on radar, and I was talking to Laura about them online and we decided to watch them together from the porch of her apartment. Actually, as seems so typical, they went mostly to the south of town and while we got to see a lot of distant lightning, the show wasn't too spectacular for us. But I really enjoyed the spontaneity of putting on shorts and my red rubber coat and walking in the dark in a thunderstorm, just on a whim. Thanks Laura!

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more milestones

Yay, Kathy's Master's thesis has been signed. She's dancing around the house and is about to leave to deposit it. Apparently the department head decided to flex his department head muscle and refuse to sign it until she made a couple of trivial grammar fixes. (He's not a community psychologist so it's doubtful he had any quarrel with the research itself--Kathy doubts he even read past the first ten pages.)

So, congrats Kathy Goddard, A.M. (not that she'll see this)

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