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May 12th, 2003

on male bonding

Ajay's in his summer clip now, and looking very handsome thank you. His most prominent feature is now his ears; long and silky, there's more fur there than anywhere else on his body.

Last night I drove out to Sean's house. He lives a way out in the rural part of the county, and built himself an authentic Finnish sauna, and I was interested in trying it out. We had some sushi he made and a few beers, and then after digesting, climbed in. Dang, that was intense. He keeps it at 170 degrees, which is actually not so bad in dry heat, but when he poured water on the rocks to generate a shot of steam, it was really quite hard to sit there and let the endorphins wash through me.

The neatest part of it was just how keenly it made me feel my body, and how it was reacting to the heat and the sweat, and the contrast with the cold windy night outside when we took a break. Eventually the breaks have to come more and more often as one's body overheats, and that's the sign to stop. I'd be very nervous being in there alone... seems like one could pass out from the heat rather easily, and then be in very serious trouble.

I'd brought along a bottle of cask strength single malt highland scotch, which made perfect sipping while relaxing after the sauna--it's' 117 proof. I don't get much classic "male bonding" time, preferring women for my close friends since I usually relate better to them, but I have to say I really enjoyed hanging out there. Made me understand a little of what Robert Bly was writing about. More self-discovery, I guess.



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