May 28th, 2003


weird dream

I have no idea what this means.

I was in the house I grew up in in Lake Zurich, with all my family. and we heard windows breaking upstairs so we knew the Nazis were throwing gas bombs through the windows. So I went to the bathroom that I used in that house when I was a kid, and on the floor was a test tube on its side, spilling one liquid into another liquid that was on the floor from a broken glass container, and there was a lot of vapor coming up off it. So I closed the door. And then we realized that we could just close all the doors to the rooms on the outside of the house and be safe from the gases. But then the door to my parents' bedroom was made of glass, and some Nazi soldier threw himself against it and pointed and was yelling "Slavs! Slavs!" so I pointed at my eyes and yelled back in German, "Nein! Ich bin Deutscher! Blaue Augen! Blaue Augen! Sehen Sie??!" and that convinced him, but then there were pictures of my cousins, and they kept looking at my cousin Terry's big nose, and grumbling, and I thought man, THAT part of my family is Polish! We're so dead!" I think that's about when I woke up.

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I'm becoming unable to resist

I'm completely fascinated by the combined typing-mousing-gesturing input device made by FingerWorks, the TouchStream Keyboard. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they weren't $350, but at that price it'd be pretty wasteful if it turned out I couldn't use it. As a "real" touch-typist, I'm slightly skeptical about being able to keep stray fingers off keys, which is how a touch-typist repeated assures himself that he's typing on the right keys without looking. But on a zero-force input device, stray touches would obviously generate stray inputs. Apparently on this thing the only way to rest your fingers on the keys is to drop all five fingers of a hand at once, and that'll take some getting used to.

I am typing this while consciously trying NOT to touch keys that i'm not actually striking, and it's somewhat difficult.

I'm just so damn curious about this thing and so intrigued by the genius design and use of "gestures" for common inputs, I'll probably succumb and buy one of the things anyway.

Does anyone have any experience with them or any thoughts about it?

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