June 5th, 2003


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I just wrote a really long, newsy, very relevant entry, and then while editing it hit alt-leftarrow instead of leftarrow, causing IE to discard everything I had written.

I'd use a non-web client, but there are no good ones for Windows.


Vomiting my day

After a slapstick, most-pessimal escapade with bus schedules, I finally made it to Wednesday Beers. I drank too much, and got shivery-cold because they insisted on being outside even after the temperature dropped into the 50's.

I gave a presentation to the CIO on network reliability today. It went very well and I think I got all my points across. Afterward he said it was "an interesting story, presented very well" which I assume is a compliment.

Debbie is making great inroads into fixing our IP multicast problems, which seem now to be mostly version incompatibilities. Richard and Mary are doing a bang-up job of a network design which I think will translate very well to reality. It's weird being a manager. I say "do this" and a few weeks later it's done, often better than I could do it myself.

I made my flight reservations for next week for a vendor symposium in California. It should be interesting meeting with them since they just lost a (moderately-sized) sale to arch-rival Cisco because they deliberately crippled certain features out of their product in order to force customers to buy their more expensive stuff.

And I get to see Kate.

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dream frustrations

I've been having AMAZING dreams lately, very powerful and relevant. I wake up with them, and run them through my conscious mind to make sure I've got them copied over to the waking world, but then later, of course, I've forgotten them.

It seems trite and freaky to keep a pencil and paper next to the bed to write down dreams with, but I'd really like to be able to recall them later.


On what's important

Now, I was eagerly looking forward to the spectacle of seeing Martha Stewart in handcuffs as much as the next guy, but I'm honestly wondering now: It's the "top story" on most of the news channels and websites today. Now really: is this actually the very most significant thing happening in the world right now?

Amusedly, I found myself walking around work today saying to myself "They should give her the chair. The Chair. The Chair!"

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