June 24th, 2003


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Had dinner with Lisa and Nathan tonight, and Ajay had a play date with Murphy. Traditional grilled hamburgers and veggies, and Lisa made a frozen pear-and-yogurt dessert which we all agreed looked exactly like mashed potatoes but was really very good.

We talked a lot about jobs, and what we want to do, and what our various current situations are like (Lisa and I are in slightly similar decision-point type places, career-wise, but for very different reasons). At times it got intense and emotional, but it was good for me to get a lot of my head "out on the table." Not that either of us reached any great epiphanies, but a good housecleaning is useful too, sometimes.

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From CNN.com's Entertainment news:

Liz Phair: The new Avril Lavigne?
Former indie queen makes play for big time

I am immediately affronted. Although the promo photo of Liz shows that she, uhh, I hate to say this, "isn't aging well."

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