September 15th, 2003

lola and manni

on really good times

Wow, what an awesome weekend.

Becca and Kate had a plan to go for a bike ride together Saturday, so Becca drove down and they went I guess for about 20 miles, getting some good exercise. Since I sat around the house while they were getting all sweaty, they decided I needed to buy them dinner, which I did. Then they were going to go to the local dance club, and I surprised myself by deciding to go along, since I'm not usually much of a dancer. In fact I sat out for a while, watching the two of them dancing, but eventually joined them on the floor. Some weird guy took Kate by the hand and dragged her off to dance with him for a while, but then vanished when she said she was buying another drink for her partner.

We'd forgotten that bar closing time was just recently extended to 2:30am here, so we left when it was still really crowded and hopping, figuring it was about midnight, but it was in fact after 1am. Becca and I took showers to get the damn cigarette smoke out of our hair, and then we all collapsed from exhaustion. Becca stayed overnight at our house.

The stamina of youth, though: after the long bike ride, Becca danced more or less nonstop for two hours. More than either Kate or I could match, certainly.

Sunday morning I had a terrible sinus headache despite the shower, so I layed down to nurse it (and Becca gave me one of her awesome face massages) while Kate got some work done on her grant proposal. Then we went to brunch at the Original Pancake house (yum!) and then some more hanging out at the house before Becca had to return home.

It's rare that our weekends are so filled with entertaining things. Kate was commenting that with all the work stresses on both of us, it's easy to forget to stop and relax and have fun sometimes. We both managed it this weekend, which I think was a good lesson for us.

And today is our second wedding anniversary!! I think Kate is too busy with aforementioned grant proposal to have any kind of extended celebration (we'll postpone that until next weekend), but I'm sure we'll find some way to honor the day.

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anniversary memories

A note I wrote in a paper journal very late on the night of our wedding.

I had taken a break from the wedding reception tent (I think dance music was on at this point and so I was fading in and out) and was standing around under the totally clear black star-ridden sky with a few other people.

Making small talk, someone looked up and pointed. "Look: an airplane." I spotted two more of the familiar red-green-strobe patterns and said "A few of them. Look there. And there." Pretty soon everyone was stretching their necks in the hunt. In the end we found, I don't remember exactly, seven-eight-nine planes in the sky. Was that a lot? I don't really know, being so close to such busy airspace.

Sarah then put it into words. "I would never have believed I would care this much about how many airplanes are in the sky."

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