September 29th, 2003


sleep hygiene, sleep hygiene, sleep hygiene

Good sleep habits continue to elude me. Kate and I were at my mom's this weekend, and despite the comfy house and there being not much to do except watch TV and read and do puzzles, I found myself up until 2am each night.

Last night I fell asleep reading the book Brotherhood of the Bomb (a biography of Lawrence, Oppenheimer, and Teller), and no surprise, I had a really vivid dream about being at a physics seminar in which one of the presenting scientists gave a doom-and-gloom talk about the fate of the world. The audience sat in stunned silence for a moment, then someone raised their hand and said "I think--", and the speaker interrupted him saying "No! Don't think! Just shut up! Everyone just shut up!" And we could all see that the speaker was sobbing. Oh and in this dream I was the guy responsible for all the A/V and videoconferencing equipment, which was being cantankerous and thus generating my familiar dream anxiety.

We left my mom's around 5pm today, took a detour to Bloomington where we met up with Becca, walked the dogs, then went to a very late dinner at the Olive Garden (the only decent restaurant still open past 9pm). We then hung out in her apartment until 11:30, then had to drive back home, so here it is 1:30am, I have to work tomorrow, and once again, I'm up and awake. *sigh*

Kate's in a huge crunch to get her dissertation deposited by the October deadline. She has a week to jump through a pretty long list of hoops (her rewrites are the least of them, I think), so she's being up late and anxious as well. If she misses it, she can still be on the December grad list, so it isn't a huge hard deadline, but sitll, she and (especially) I would like to just get this thole thing out of the way once and for all.

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stupid microsoft worms

The number of machines being infected by the "Welchia" and "MS Blaster" worms had been steadily decreasing as more and more of the campus applied patches (they're trying to do a huge public information campaign, to varying degrees of success). The number of machines that pop up infected is down to just a couple a day now...

Except for the dorm networks. The dorm computer support people went on a massive, labor-intensive campaign to personally scan every student's computer to be sure it was patched against infection, and this was largely successful since there were relatively few machines (of the almost 10,000) that showed up as infected. But over the past week or so, the daily infection rate in the dorms is on the rise again. I'm not sure if this is kids bringing down new machines from mommy and daddy, or doing new installs of WinXP from warez disks on top of the patched W2K that had been on their machine, or what.

At least infected dorm machines are easy to take care of. A long time ago I wrote a nice web interface to monitor and control that network, so feed in an IP address and click on a link and *poof* the network jack in that room goes dead.

I think more and more each day that Microsoft's behavior regarding system security principles verges on the criminally negligent. But of course they're indemnified by the EULA everyone is forced to accept, so they can sit and thumb their noses at the world. And we'll STILL buy more software from them.

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