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October 11th, 2003

on being an ally

Today (perhaps not coincidentally National Coming Out Day) I finally managed to attend an Ally Training Day here. It was a three-hour meeting in which campus faculty and staff learn about GLBT resources, and ways to support and provide a safe space for queer students and staff. This has always been something I've wanted to do, since so many of my friends and colleagues are queer.

It was a really positive meeting, everyone was respectful and most people contributed, and I not only learned about on-campus resources and ways I can offer support, but also some new ways to think about labels, and stereotypes, and what it's like to be in a minority (something a white straight male doesn't get to experience much). The Questionnaire for Heterosexuals helps here, as did a lot of what we talked about in the meeting.

So now I have an Ally poster on my door at work, and because it was Coming Out Day, I wore the "Ally" pink triangle button all day.

I'm not much of an activist, but it's nice to do something positive.

It's like some horrible movie!!

So the Tivo has picked up Village of the Giants. We watched the first few minutes or so. It wasn't directed by Russ Meyer, but it may as well have for all the bad acting and gratuitous women rollling around in mud. It also stars an impossibly young Beau Bridges, a just-post-Mayberry Ronny Howard (as, improbably, a boy genius inventor), and Toni Basil (who also choreographed the dance numbers (yes, this sci-fi schlock has dance numbers)). Toni Basil! Of "Hey Mickey" fame in the 1980's, in a 1965 terrible sci-fi movie.

Who'd have figured.

I'll probably leave this on the Tivo until it decides it needs the space to record something else.



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