October 16th, 2003


on mornings after busy days

The flight was beautiful. The GPS direct route took us right over the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, which we tried to get some good pictures of. We also flew directly over the common point of Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee, which was interesting but not very photogenic.

The airport (the awkwardly-named General Dewitt Spain Airport) was big enough to be comfortable, small enough not to be snooty, and fuel wasn't too expensive. They were nice enough to let me have a tie-down spot for free when I told them that I was only going to be there a couple of hours. Kate and I met Elissa and all went to a really great little hole-in-the-wall BBQ place where I pigged out on half a BBQ chicken, baked beans (spiced with cloves, which was very odd but I liked it), and sweet tea. A little bumming around and digesting, and then it was time for me to fly home so I could make it back before it got too dark.

Flying home 3 hours by myself was kind of lonely, but I did some sightseeing and more picture-taking... I THINK I got some really pretty sunset shots, but I'll have to wait until I can look at the full-sized images to tell for sure.

When I got home I walked and fed the dogs and then headed to beers, where I had too much to drink (often a problem when I'm living alone) and wayyy too much second hand smoke in my hair and lungs. Then I wound up staying up too late, so by the time I woke up this morning, I had a huge sinus headache from all the smoke, I stank of smoke and beer, I was woozy from drinking too much, messed up from staying up too late, and my lower back was really bothering me (from the plane or how I was sitting at beers or from sleeping, I can't really tell).

So today is going to be somewhat recuperative.

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spam cuteness

So I'm getting a whole lot of spam in Russian (or some similar language that uses Cyrillic). It's all exactly the same, just two lines of text I can't read except for the word "dial-up" in Roman letters, no URL, no email address, nothing. The only thing that's different is the name of the "sender" on the From line, which are all randomly generated and most amusing:

  • Dismissal H. Wombat
  • Playable T. Waistline
  • Corkscrew V. Exterminators
  • Provenance O. Axle
  • Bomber K. Realism
  • Swoon B. Refuse
  • (and my favorite!) Hitler E. Spaceships
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some flying pictures

Becca's pictures she took on our flight to and from Bloomington are here. She took some pretty good ones.

Gotta get mine off the camera tonight. I'm sure a few of them are going to be pretty.

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