October 26th, 2003


on spoiled dogs

This morning Kate and I were sleeping in bed, "spooned" together, when I was awakened by my dog standing on top of us. He was cold, I guess, and trying to dig his way between us so he could sleep somewhere den-like and warm.

Like the spoiling owners we are, we dutifully moved apart so he could lie down in the warm gap between us. Then he went right to sleep. Sheesh.

Also, I had the exact same dream for the second time in a couple months. I dreamed I bought this new medicated shampoo called "Nigorex", and Kate disapproved. Not for the patently offensive name, but because the label made claims of effectiveness that she said were chemically and physiologically impossible.

I don't get it.

I also fucked up my middle back something awful this morning. I was just stretching in bed and felt something go *twang* and now I have a big knotted up rope in my back. What's NEXT with this stupid body of mine?

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