November 8th, 2003



I'm in rural Connecticut, near Hartford, in Kate's mom's house. Tonight is her 20th high school reunion... should be interesting.

It's been a pretty quick trip, so we couldn't fit much in. Thursday night, though, I slept better than I have in many weeks. Went to bed reasonably early, fell asleep right away, and slept like a rock. Woke up entirely refreshed and rested. *sigh* I have to somehow transport these uninterrupted nights back home. I definitely need more of them.

Friday we paid a visit to our wedding photographer, who after 2+ years still has not presented us with our wedding photo album. This was as much our fault as his... we were very, very slow in getting proof selections back to him, at which time he was already gearing up for the next spring's wedding season, and it went on from there. Also, he is a very cool guy, we loved his work, and didn't dream for a second that he was trying to rip us off or anything. But just to remind him of our presence we dropped by his studio in Chester to say hi, see where things were, and whilst we were at it ordered prints for my mom and Kate's mom, and one big one for us to frame and hang up. From there we drove even further to the coast and had an unexpectedly nice dinner (we asked the photographer for suggestions for a nice dinner and he gave us the name of someplace very nice) in Old Saybrook (former home of Kate Hepburn). We hooked up briefly with Kate's high school friend Tim after that, and tried to find a happening bar, but much to their amazement and my chagrin, every old hangout of theirs was either already closed or sleepy-deserted. And this was, like, 11pm on a Friday night. None of us could figure out what the hell was going on.

This morning we went down to Middletown where Kate went to college, and visited our friend and my old best chick Gina. I really love her and miss her and we do not get to see her often enough. We had breakfast at a celebrated diner near the campus, and then got to see her new house on the Coginchaug River, and had hot chocolate in her sun room and kept talking and talking and talking. Too soon though, it was time to leave, and now we're back at Kate's mom's... and now it's time for me to shower and spiff up for this reunion thing. As I started out saying, should be interesting......

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