November 25th, 2003


ah, heat

Our wonderful Facilities&Operations fix-it-chick Chris just fixed the steam line that feeds all the wall heaters in my hallway. "Someone been downstairs messin' with my pumps," she said. I came back from lunch with Becca to find my office swelteringly hot (I'd cranked up my thermostat at some point to confirm that something was indeed broken). Ahhhh.

After adjusting the thermostat down slightly, I proceeded to take off my socks and polar fleece, and now I can work comfortably this afternoon. I'm such a warm-air fiend.

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    B-52's - Love Shack

party success and procrastination

I just got email from one of mom's party's attendees asking for the recipe for the Paté con Higadillos de Pollo that we served. More evidence of its resounding success.

Last night after dinner, Kate and I decided to attack the large pile of boxes and disassembled furniture that has been sitting on the back porch for an embarrassingly long four months since she moved back from Seattle. It seemed like such a daunting pile of work, which made us avoidant. So imagine our acute embarrassment to discover that the entire pile got moved inside, unpacked, sorted, and put away (except for the huge stacks of Kate's papers and journals) in, like, two hours.

So why had we put this off so long?

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