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January 20th, 2004

work work work

Okay, I'm really sore. Today was spent stripping all the wallpaper out of our second bathroom. In stripping off the awful, 70's-style floral print, we discovered another layer of wallpaper underneath, a solid bright pink. And under that, a coat of paint which was a different shade of bright pink. The tastes of previous homeowners is beyond me.

To do a complete and total job of refinishing the walls in there will require removing the sink and cabinets and the toilet tank; that was a bit more than we wanted to do today, but we'll probably do it later. As it was, the fun part was pulling the top layer of vinyl off. Not so fun was the hours of scoring, spraying on paste softener, and scraping scraping scraping to get down to that last coat of paint. Oh and then washing that coat of paint with TSP and scraping off the last of the wallpaper paste stuck to it. TSP is a powerful cleaner. Very alkaline, very slippery. It got all over the floor and the tub, and it got to be really quite hazardous; I slipped in the tub and nearly fell about five times. And paste and strips of scraped-off paper kept sticking to the bottoms of our feet, which felt really gross.

But I'm done bitching. It actually did feel really good to get a good start on a room remodeling project. There's a lot of repair and spackling to do--the plaster has some good-sized cracks in it--but we're well on the way to having that bathroom done up right, finally.

But my arms are soooo sore. It SHOULD feel good, like exercise is supposed to. But I've never been one to find that feeling "good" or associate it with any accomplishment. I just take pain reliever before bed and put it behind me.

Research - It's a dog's life

I’m tired of the UI’s androcentric bias in research. So I say, let the dogs into the Arboretum, where they will be free to, as it were, do their business. And let them into the Morrow Plots as well. Sure, this is the oldest experimental field in the country, but have dogs ever been allowed to conduct research there? Why is it if a dog wants to study corn, it has to beg at the table, or tip over the trash can? You wouldn’t stand for such treatment, and neither should our animal companions.

--from an article by Bill Vaughan



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