February 13th, 2004

love like

on email, wars, and time-saving gadgetry

Okay, time to run mailstat again and see how ridiculous the breakdown of my incoming email is. On the one hand it's depressing to think about how impossible my life would be if I didn't have procmail or something like it to sort through my inbound mail. Ditto for a fairly-well-tuned spam filter (I use spamassassin with some tweaks to its scoring and lots of Bayesian training).

My incoming mail breaks down something like this:

  • Mailing list mail sorted into appropriate folders: 27.46%
  • Spam scored so high that I send it to /dev/null: 27.91%
  • Spam caught by spamassassin saved for inspection: 12.24%
  • Spam caught my my other filters: 1.19%
  • Copies of mydoom and beagle viruses: 4.48%
  • Mail delivered to my inbox: 26.72%
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