March 2nd, 2004


on doggie care and sunsets

Ajay has twice in the past gone into anaphylactic shock in reaction to his immunizations. This is a very serious systemic reaction from which he could have died without prompt veterinary attention. So when I took him in this morning to get one of his vaccines (DHLPP booster), I then worked from home all afternoon so I could be around in case it happened again. Happily, he was fine, sleeping off the injection of diphenhydramine that they give him to try to prevent reactions like this. In two weeks he needs his rabies vaccine, and I think that's what he's really at risk of reacting to, so we'll get to do this again. At least I got a fair amount of work done at home, without any office distractions.

It was the first really warm, really beautiful day here today, although it was incredibly windy. I heard this strong southerly flow spawned a couple of severe thunderstorms to the north of us, but all we got was the wind and an achingly beautiful sunset. I should have spent more time outside today. It made me look forward to walking to work every day.