March 4th, 2004


temporary bachelorhood

After a very unhealthy breakfast at our favorite diner, I dropped Kate off at the airport early this morning. She's spending the next 10 days in Arizona and Nevada at two conferences, APLS in Arizona, and then ACJS in Las Vegas. Between the two I'm going to hop out there and we're going to have a mini vacation in Sedona. I'm hoping to do a lot of stargazing since the nights should be dark and desert-dry. And Kate and I need some alone, away-from-the-house, and away-from-work time.

So I'm basically back in bachelor mode for three days, and then four more days next week after I get back. Hopefully I can slip into it and back out of it nicely. So far I've done well, cooking and cleaning and generally taking care of business.

I have a kind of emotional ague that I've been dealing with for some time now. Things are starting to gel in my mind a little bit. It's not entirely pleasant but hopefully I'll start working through it tonight. It's the one good thing that being totally alone is good for.

And again, I'm being made to realize that without my dog, I'd be REALLY lonely. He really does make good company for me, whether he's curled up at my feet or demanding to play with some half-disassembled toy of his. But Kate's poor dog is nowhere in sight. He's a bit of a loner, and usually is sleeping in some other quiet corner of the house.

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