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January 19th, 2005

A question from today's comix

Is there something about trombone players that I should know?

So I knew I was very late for my bus today, and sure enough, as I got to the end of the driveway, I saw it making the turn two blocks away where I usually catch it. But aha, I thought, if I really haul ass around the OTHER corner, running three blocks north, depending on if he stops or gets caught at the stop sign, I MIGHT be able to catch it at the next stop. So off I tore northbound.

As I was crossing the second street north, I looked east to see if I could see the bus waiting at another stop. Sure enough it was sitting there. Aha, I thought, I'm going to make this, and kept running across the street. But not looking where I was going for a few seconds was all it took to get my body ahead of my brain, and I took a misstep up onto the sidewalk and down I went. Quite spectacularly, actually... I have abrasions on both my hands including a really disgusting one which I had to debride and bandage up when I got back to the house. My left knee hurts, but in a scraped, not messed-up-joint, way. My right thumb is really sore; I think I landed on it folded under my right hand. And all of those other body parts hitting the ground first did not prevent my face from also slamming into the sidewalk. I was really afraid I'd have a huge bruise on my cheek, but that seems to be not happening. There are a couple of nice abrasions on my cheek and just above my right eye, though.

Fuck, this all hurts. And I can't type very well because I need my left thumb for "backspace" on my Touchstream, but it doesn't seem to recognize my thumb through a bandage. And I can't rest my left hand on the wristpad because that's right where the worst scrape is.

Whine whine whine.



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