April 13th, 2005


my adorable doggie

I was sitting at home with the laptop this morning doing some work, and Ajay was curled up into a little ball next to me. He has always reacted to certain kinds of sirens; he more or less ignores police and ambulance sirens and the tornado warning siren, but fire engines make him sit up and he gets agitated. Often he will go into a full-out howl in response.

But he must have been in a lazy mood this morning, because a fire engine approached and he came out of his poodle ball and began looking around anxiously. He threw back his head into that classic howling pose, but all that came out was a soft, low-pitched "Roooooo. Roo."

Then he lay down, gave out one last defiant petulant little "roo", and curled back up.

He's so damn CUTE!

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