April 18th, 2005

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those poor people

And I thought the jokes were bad about people living near the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Urbana, or Church and State, of which there is apparently no separation in Champaign.

I also see that Pico Rivera is also home to Bert Street and Nan Street, which run parallel through the center of town. But I don't see a Freddie or a Flossie Street. What's up with that?

I wonder what you do when you're serious about applying for a job? Attach a short note to your cover letter, confirming that this really is your address and it is not intended to be funny?

PICO RIVERA, California (AP) — It's not easy living on Dork Street—just ask Mario Saucedo.

"I had a résumé kicked back because someone thought I was kidding," said Saucedo, who has lived on the street in this suburb about a dozen miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles for eight years.

Ester Avetisian, who moved there 18 years ago, said she might have thought twice if there had been a sign in those days marking the road tucked into what is still a semi-rural section of town where people keep goats and chickens in their back yards.

"I didn't know the name until my husband and I were signing (mortgage) papers," Avetisian recalled. "I was pretty shocked when I found out."

Still, most residents have learned to grin and bear the jokes.

"It's pretty funny," said Clyde Parra, who has lived on Dork Street for eight years. "When I go to cash a check at the store, people ask me if I'm a dork."

Officials say there is no record at City Hall explaining how the street got its distinctive moniker, but residents believe it was named after someone called Dork. It first appeared on a Los Angeles County tract map in 1936.

"It's obviously historic, and it seems like streets named for last names are the norm in that area," city spokesman Bob Spencer said.

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