April 21st, 2005

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laugh-out-loud crossword puzzle clues

The student paper here prints the New York Times daily crossword, but there's another crossword that appears in Thursday's supplement. I don't know where it comes from, but the clues and answers are often rather unorthodox. From today's puzzle:

  • "Get your _______ over here!" (ASSES)
  • Pablo Escobar smuggled it (COCAINE)
  • They often have whipped cream on their nuts (SUNDAES)
  • They may be faked (ORGASMS)

A couple of weeks ago there was some reference to "all your base are belong to us", too.

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pretty storms

With the promise of severe weather passing through last night, I lit up a cron job to snap a picture from the Beckman quadcam once a minute. I just assembled them into a time-lapse movie of the passing storm. It could look cooler yet (we need to set one up that points west into the approaching weather), but this is a good a glimpse as any into what a warm midwestern afternoon can become.

Time-lapse storm movie

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