March 13th, 2006


Other cool things

I forgot to write that on my flight back from Boston a few weeks ago, I got to hold an Olympic medal! On our flight was Angela Ruggiero, flying home from Turin after having skated with the US Women's hockey team to a bronze medal. Proud to be flying a medal-winning Olympian, naturally our pilot had to introduce her to everyone, and she got a nice round of applause. Then someone asked about the medal, and she pulled it out of her carryon bag, and that sealed her fate for that flight... of course having seen it, everyone wanted to touch it or see it up close, and the poor woman spent the rest of the flight making a very slow walk down the aisle so every other passenger could have a turn.

I was surprised by the sturdiness and weight of the thing, realizing only belatedly that, hey, it's SOLID BRONZE. I found it very tasteful, too, unlike a lot of trophys you see from other sporting events.

Kinda neat. I had my camera in my carryon, but was too embarrassed to take it out and ask for a photo.

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