July 30th, 2007


My erring subconscious

I had a dream last night which was kind of unremarkable except when I recalled it after I woke up.

In it a small boy was complaining to some kind of father figure (who looked similar to Cesar Romero in his dashing 1940's roles). The boy had a 10pm bed time and was begging to stay up later. At first the man was firm, using lots of parental "remember this is what we agreed" language. But the boy persisted, saying "but it's SUMMER! Can't I go to bed at nine?" The man relented a bit, saying "well, yes, you're right, it IS summer, but a whole hour is much too much. Can we compromise on 9:30?" The boy smiled and hugged the man, and it was all a nice nuclear family Donna Reed moment. (though now that I think about it I think the man was the new partner of the boy's mom, and the 10pm bed time was an edict from the boy's father, now divorced from the mother. But anyway.)

It wasn't for several minutes after I woke up that I realized, hey, that's backwards, the kid would be begging and pleading for a LATER bed time, not an EARLIER one! My dream mind totally screwed up that bit of the dream reality.

I wonder if that means anything?

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