October 9th, 2007


It's fall

It was really hot last week, very unusual for October.

I spent most of the week in Indianapolis at the CIC Tech Forum conference. I went because it is an easy drive away, and there is no registration fee. The sessions were not as good as I might have hoped, fairly predictable and/or snoozers, but the real value was the keynote address about leadership skills, and the post-conference panel where three newly-minted CIO's took questions from the audience and answered them with gratifying frankness.

One of the highlights was actually an extra-curricular activity in which a small group of us found "the Premier Cocktail and Cigar Lounge of Indianapolis" Nicky Blaine's. It's proximity to the state capitol building betrays its usual clientele, and I had a couple of amusing thoughts about deals made in smoke-filled rooms. It was very opulent, with leather couches, a very good live jazz band, and an amazing collection of alcohols. My colleague C and I are Scotch aficionados and both hit upon the 30-year Laphroaig. At $40 a pour we decided to split one, and it was dreamy. Worth the money for the experience even if it is not one to be repeated very often. We also introduced Aaron, who runs the network maintenance group next to mine and who usually drinks Lite beer, to Scotch. He professed to enjoy it and thanked us for the tutorial.

It was good that I remembered the walk back to the hotel, though, because it was clear that I was the only one who had any clue where we were. That made me feel a little strange, like I was suddenly responsible for the whole group.