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November 25th, 2007

Mac Geek PSA

Mac OS 10.5 ("Leopard") most definitely does not suck. A few things are still a bit rough around the edges and one of my favorite third party things still does not work, but some of the new features and the much better graphics integration make it really nice to use. Oh and they seem to have accomplished the rare feat of increasing functionality and performance without appreciably affecting the memory footprint. (Methinks they've been continuing to clean up a ton of code ported from the PowerPC to the Intel platforms.)

Oh, and now I can boot the hardware to Windows when need be, as well, in addition to running Windows in a virtual machine under the Macintosh OS. I don't imagine I'll do that much, since the emulation is nearly perfect, but there are a few things that need Windows on the bare hardware, support of certain USB devices being one of them.


Alma Mater

Yesterday I had the oddly pleasant experience of watching my high school alma mater, Lake Zurich High School, winning the Class 7A IHSA football championship here at the Illinois Memorial Stadium in Champaign. I never cared for high school sports and never went to more than one or two games, but I have to say watching them beat Wheaton-Warrenville South was sort of joyful. The final score was 7-3, with all the scoring taking place in the second quarter. Talk about your defensive battles. They said that both teams had averaged over 30 points per game in the season, so this was really something.

The post-game interviews with the LZ quarterback and coach showed them both to be surprisingly well-spoken, too. At some point it hit me that this football coach being interviewed on TV would be, like, my gym teacher, or consumer ec teacher, if I were still in high school.

I so rarely think anything positive about my high school; this was a nice change.



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