April 18th, 2008



Wow, that was a thing to wake up to. I just snapped awake to the entire bed shaking. My first thought was, that was some loud thunder. But there is no storm going on, so it had to have been seismic. It was quite strong, way stronger than any of the other rare little tremors we have experienced here in the midwest. Definitely shook the whole house quite vigorously.

And the USGS real time web site shows a magnitude 5+ quake centered a little ways south of here, around Evansville Indiana.


Breaking the fourth wall of technology

The city buses fairly recently got scrolling signs and recorded announcements of upcoming stops, sourced from some kind of positioning data (which surprisingly does not appear to be GPS). It's all kind of neat to see the stops rolling by on the sign as the bus travels, but today the sign on my bus repeatedly interrupted itself with bright red letters:

1105-6007B 210C
MON 4:44PM