June 18th, 2008

planet solaris

Strange hotel experiences

I'm about to go to sleep in my hotel room in Minneapolis. I am here for an all day Enterprise Architecture conference tomorrow.

My room is not just a room but a suite. Not just a suite but what appears to be a full two-bedroom apartment. Two separate bedrooms, each with a bed, dresser, closet, TV, and door. A main area with couch, chair, coffee table, larger TV, dining room table, breakfast bar, and kitchen (with plates and silverware, glasses, and several pots and pans). This is weird; I feel like I am wasting it staying for only two nights. I may be compelled to actually cook something tomorrow.

The free Internet access is wonky and unpredictable because it is double-NAT for some reason:

traceroute to illinois.edu (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
 0 ( 0.050 ms 0.013 ms 0.027 ms
 1 (  2.343 ms  51.047 ms  27.041 ms
 2 (  2.145 ms  18.968 ms  1.974 ms
 3 (  3.534 ms  4.978 ms  10.216 ms
 4  mpls-dsl-gw41-233.mpls.qwest.net (  56.276 ms  [....]

My keyboard and mouse lock up for several seconds every few minutes or so when I am plugged into the wired Ethernet jack in the "living room". This is very alarming, but everything seems fine when I use the wireless network (which is slow and is named "linksys" which makes me roll my eyes).

Lots of odd things about this place.