June 30th, 2008


Scientific idiocy

From news wire stories on the frivolous lawsuit filed in Hawai`i against the startup of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN:

Critics of the LHC filed a lawsuit in a Hawaiian court in March seeking to block its startup, alleging that there was "a significant risk that ... operation of the Collider may have unintended consequences which could ultimately result in the destruction of our planet."

Destruction of the planet? Are they fucking kidding? I did a brief web search on Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho, the two plaintiffs in the suit. Wagner is a botanist with a minor in physics; Sancho is some kind of whacked-out pseudoscience writer. Neither appears to have the necessary credentials to seriously critique particle accelerator operation.

This is why science and technology progress so slowly unless there's an immediate commercial application.