September 7th, 2008


Shipping inefficiencies

You'd think that, living in Urbana, ordering something from a company also here in Urbana would cause the package to go from company to the local UPS depot, and then get sorted onto a local delivery truck.

But no, it instead gets funneled out of Urbana to the huge UPS processing facility near Chicago, where it spent a couple of hours before returning straight back to Urbana. At least this didn't take too long.

(The package was 4GB of memory for my home iMac; I don't have memory squeeze any more and can actually think about running both a Windows and a Linux guest VM at the same time now.)

US                 09/04/2008   5:45pm  BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED
URBANA, IL, US     09/04/2008   8:08pm  ORIGIN SCAN
                   09/04/2008   8:09pm  DESTINATION SCAN
                   09/04/2008   9:13pm  DEPARTURE SCAN
HODGKINS, IL,  US  09/05/2008  12:16am  ARRIVAL SCAN
                   09/05/2008   3:23am  DEPARTURE SCAN
URBANA, IL, US     09/05/2008   7:08am  ARRIVAL SCAN
                   09/05/2008  10:58am  OUT FOR DELIVERY
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