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on accomplishments (?)

Holy cow, that was hard.

I can't tell if I passed or not. I well may have, but I'm not confident. The amazing thing was how fast those 8.5 hours went. The test time stopped for 30 minutes for lunch (I went to the Cisco cafeteria and got some food that was probably pretty good, but I was so nervous that I couldn't eat so just picked at it), and we had free access to the break room with free soda and snacks, but the clock kept running for breaks, and I needed all of those 8.5 hours. The guy in front of me was in and out for the whole time, I am not sure if he was that confident of the time or just nervous or what.

It's clear why so few people pass this... not only is it basically a big trivia quiz about Cisco software features but there's also so little time to get the many tasks done that it basically all has to be second nature to you in terms of comfort level with the equipment. There's really barely enough time to type the commands, let alone THINK.

Oh well, I will try to be patient and wait for my grade on Monday. Hope it wasn't all just a big waste of time and money. I do appreciate all the good energy and thoughts people were sending me. I was amazed at being able to stay focussed for an entire day, and that probably had something to do with it.

I came back to my room and rested for an hour or so and to check email. Now my priority is: a drink. This is a time that I actually honestly deserve one.

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