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I can't remember when I was last this sick. On Sunday, I had a very rapid-onset sore throat which by Monday morning was so bad it was actually triggering my gag reflex... VERY unpleasant. The fever started around noon Monday and after climbing a degree an hour for three hours, scared me enough to go to the "convenient care" clinic of my HMO. The strep test was negative, so they're pretty sure I have the flu. I don't think I've gotten the actual influenza virus de l'année before, at least not since I was a kid. I have no idea where I got it; it may just be "going around."

But it's kicking my ass. The 102 degree fever subsided to about 100.5 when subjected to acetaminophen, but wouldn't go any lower than that for three days (it seems to have subsided back to something around 99 now). I had no energy at all, had blurry vision, and actually fell over at one point. I've been trying to spend most of my time in bed, but that seems to be just boring me to tears and screwing up my sleep schedule.

There was no question at all of going to work this week. If I feel better Friday and my fever is gone, I will go in as there is a dark fiber network meeting. But I've actually been able to be somewhat productive in my more cogent moments (i.e. when I'm not under lots of soporific drugs) since I can answer email and write instead of having to deal with more mundane work crap.

Ajay's been difficult and mopey because he's gotten only one walk in four days. The poor thing doesn't understand, of course.

This cough is amazing. It comes in fits, after each of which I am literally exhausted and panting. I think the cough will be the symptom that lingers longest, though, which I'm also not happy about.


Man. Next year, I'm getting the shot.

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