Charley (szasz) wrote,

A short dialog between Bert and Bob

How's the MEAT LOAF, Bert? Is the MEAT LOAF good today?
The MEAT LOAF is good, Bob.. You see me EATIN' the meat loaf?

Well, yeh, Bert, I SEE you eatin' the MEAT LOAF.. how 'bout the PEAS? Are the PEAS good?
Bob, they're PEAS... PEAS aren't GOOD or BAD... they're PEAS.

I just found out DORIS has a WHOLE OTHER FAMILY she never told me about & she wants a DIVORCE & the camper.
JEEZ, Bob...

Is the LEMON MERINGUE any good today, Bert?
The lemon meringue is a POEM, Bob. A POEM.

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