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Latest Peering Efforts pay off in Geeky Ways

Last week I connected the campus (via our dark fiber network, the ICCN) to the Internet2 Commercial Peering Service. Basically, this gives us access, for free (beyond our I2 membership and connection fees), to a large number of commercial Internet entities. It's about 59,000 routes (out of the Internet total of about 225,000), but includes some really interesting and potentially high-bandwidth Internet destinations such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and Yahoo. It's sucking away about 35% of the ISP traffic we pay good money for, and given that YouTube and Myspace traverse that link, I'm hoping that percentage increases when the students come back in a couple of weeks.

Best of all, though, is that now the path to Livejournal is REALLY quick, since it traverses the ICCN to I2 and then straight to SixApart's provider, Global Crossing.

[kline@spiffy ~]$ tracepath --html

hop hostname IP address RTT other info
1 ( 0.131ms pmtu 1500
1 ( 0.540ms
2 ( 0.504ms
3 ( 0.505ms
4 ( 1.302ms
5 ( 1.340ms asymm 4
6 ( 1.105ms asymm 5
7 ( 1.090ms asymm 6
8 ( 4.278ms asymm 7
9 ( 7.381ms
10 ( 8.429ms
11 ( 53.064ms asymm 14
12 ( 53.123ms asymm 15
13 ( 53.278ms asymm 16 reached

Sorry, couldn't resist the geekiness.

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