Charley (szasz) wrote,

Awesome work crises!

We came in today to find that our big wireless distribution tower on the south campus had toppled in yesterday's storm. There wasn't a lot of wind associated with the storm, though, so we're thinking some kind of structural failure and/or install problem.

What's funny is that our current set of wireless links are all still showing green on our network monitors. They're fed by a 120º sector antenna, which happened to be mounted about 8 feet above where the tower toppled. Effectively, the tower falling over just inverted the antenna by 180 degrees, and lowered it several feet, but it can apparently still see everything it needs to talk to and we have full connectivity. But obviously we can't leave this this way and some people have some very messy miserable work to do in the wind and rain and snow that is forecast for today to correct this situation.

*sigh* Interesting times.

Tags: weather, work
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