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Hm, someone from the Copyright Section of the University Office of Technology Management wants me to call him about some software I wrote eight years ago which the University sold the rights to.

I'm hoping it's some boring, bureaucracy-laden issue.

On a much brighter note:

KCMI 141130Z 141212 28008KT P6SM SKC
   TEMPO 1213 4SM BR
  FM1500 32013KT P6SM SCT040
   TEMPO 1721 BKN040

  FM0000 VRB03KT P6SM SKC=

Now that's more like real flying weather! I'm supposed to fly at 1pm tomorrow. Zero-Four-Hotel is in my memory like an old friend.

On a gloomier note, I'm a little worried about a certain friend of mine who hasn't been online, like, at all, and appears to be freaking out. I'm thinking about you, okay?

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