Charley (szasz) wrote,

It's practically a new phone

Despite my WM6 smartphone seeming less and less shiny since I got an iPod Touch and am using it for almost everything except actually making phone calls, I was poking around on the net for news about it last night, and was horrified to discover that there have been major software and feature upgrades available for over six months now.

I was pissed about this because "Windows Update" on the phone was returning nothing and Sprint's web site seems to have totally forgotten that this phone model exists. But going to the web site of the phones manufacturer, HTC, revealed a new firmward download. It took my ROM version from 2.09 to 3.56, and now I have EVDO rev A, plus GPS (I had no idea this phone even had GPS hardware; the previous software load didn't acknowledge it and the phone's hardware specs don't mention it). Windows Mobile 6.1 fixes a bunch of bugs, makes available a bunch of features I used to use third-party add-ons for, and generally runs faster and looks better. There's even a GPS navigation program that seems to work fairly well, although I haven't tried it out and about yet. And something called "Sprint TV" which downloads live video content over the air. Despite it mentioning things like the Discovery Channel, NBC, and CNN, this isn't nearly as useful as that since it's all just clips, really.

And to think I was missing this for all this time.

Tags: geek

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