Charley (szasz) wrote,

Flight planning

The thing I hate about flights to Lake in the Hills is that the true course from here to there is something like 002º. That is east of north which mandates an odd-thousands+500 altitude, but any kind of zig-zag between waypoints often creates course legs slightly WEST of north, which mandate an EVEN-thousands+500 altitude. It really complicates the planning and makes me just want to fly at 3000', but every other lazy VFR yahoo is also flying at 3000', especially on nice days like this, and that makes me nervous.

In other news, I went up this morning and did five touch and goes and one full-stop landing on the narrow runway at KCMI. Felt pretty good. 32L/14R is 75ft wide, and I was pretty much nailing the center line every time, so the 50ft runway at 3CK should be fine. The tough part was actually that all the visual cues on approach to landing on a runway that's not 150ft wide are sort of alarmingly different. It took me a couple of times around to get used to it.
Tags: flying
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