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Becca's home!!

I'm sort of sad for her that she had such a bad time in Poland, and that she spent so much money rearranging flights to return four days early, but she seemed pretty philosophical about it, so *shrug*.

She came by the house about 8:30 last night and we caught up on not seeing each other for ten days. She was pretty jetlagged, though, she said she'd been up for 20 hours. So we didn't do much except lounge around and talk. But I was bumming that there was only about a twelve-hour window between her returning home and my leaving for New England, so I'm glad that's being expanded a bit. It might even mean I could leave for New England a day earlier, but I'll have to think about the logistics of that; driving on Memorial Day probably won't be much fun.

I'm having coffee with one of the first-year psych students today, which should be interesting... this is one of those flighty, hyper, lots-of-thoughts people, so we'll see how that goes.

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