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a long catchup

Wow, no entries for so long. It's been terribly busy, and I've done little more than scratch out some notes in a notebook to remind myself of everything that has happened in the last week and a half. What an exhausting whirlwind.

Monday: after sending Becca home after her birthday, I packed up for the long trip (always takes me much longer than I think it will), put the dogs in the car, and drove up to my mom's to dump off the dogs and to overnight there with the hopes to get going as early as possible the next day. I wanted to try at least to make the entire drive to Hartford in one day. For some reason overnighting in a strange town all by myself was really bothering me; on the other hand, I've never even come close to such a long drive alone before, so I didn't believe I could do it. So I was nervous and stayed up way too late drinking bourbon and programming a route into the GPS.

Tuesday: What's to say about this day? Despite not getting to sleep until 1:30am, I was awake like a shot at 5am, walked the dogs, drank coffee (but not too much), and hit the road just after 6am. I wanted to miss the Chicago rush hour since my route was basically all the way into Chicago and then all the way back out southeast to hit the Indiana Toll Road. I did miss most but not all of it.

From there, the day was a bit of a blur. I do remember about three hours into the drive becoming VERY bored, and getting kind of depressed at how much driving was ahead of me. But then I'm not sure what happened, I slipped into some kind of zone or something, and the drive became much easier. I only got a little sleepy, for only a short stretch, didn't really suffer from much boredom, made only two stops for gas and to pee, and then a longer dinner stop near Albany. And arrived at Kate's mom's house around 10:30pm.

It was so good to see her. It took a couple hours to reconnect, which was kind of scary. I'm glad we didn't immediately get very intimate, but sat at the kitchen table just talking for a while. It's weird how you have to ease back into closeness.

Wednesday: No big surprise, I slept very late. I really don't recall much of the day. Kate and I visited Real Art Ways in Hartford, an art gallery Kate's mom volunteers at (and which was featured in a Zippy the Pinhead comic recently!) The exhibit was interesting but only partially accessible to me. We talked with Kate's mom and aunt while there. Kate's mom is funny: she works at art galleries frequented by snobby upper-class folk but steadfastly refuses to kiss butt or suck up to the rich and famous. It is funny to watch their behavior when they don't get the reaction from her that they seem to be used to.

That night Gina came to visit!! We grilled dinner and all of us sat around the table talking. Gina sounds like she's doing amazing things on the Wesleyan faculty (just as I knew she would). I think she really wants to be partnered, but that's harder to do than teach good classes and do good activism. She stayed about four hours, then we had a wonderful three-way hug with her, and she headed back south. I miss her so much.

I want to keep going with this boring daily chronology, but I'm tired. And distracted. By emotions and other thoughts. It was very hard to start writing, in any form, LJ or otherwise, after such a long time away from home and familiar surroundings. I don't know if it's just that I get out of a habit, or if keeping things written down forces my mind to turn outward instead of inward, to think in English instead of these weird abstractions that I usually experience. I've missed this.

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