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evil flight instructors

Grump. For a part of the required ground school, my instructor had me plan a flight to Niagara Falls Airport. Simple enough, I thought, and got out my planning software and sectional charts.

Well first of all the auto-router sent me through Detroit's airspace and then into Canada, along the north side of Lake Erie, through the no-fly zone over Niagara Falls themselves, then back into the US to the Niagara Falls Airport. On the chart is the notation "AIRSPACE CLASSIFICATION (SEE CANADA FLIGHT SUPPL) AND OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS (SEE DOD AREA PLANNING AP/1) MAY DIFFER BETWEEN CANADA AND UNITED STATES". No thanks.

So I try a manual route along the SOUTH side of Lake Erie; but this sends me through the heavily controlled Class B airspace around Cleveland and Akron.

Now I'm trying a third manual route south of there, to Youngstown and then north through Buffalo's airspace. But there's just no easy way to do this. I asked my GPS and it suggested a route that went right ACROSS Lake Erie; I know what my instructor would say to that; something about the plane not having a life raft.

I wasn't PLANNING on taking more than half an hour with this.

I also have to visit the dentist today, and take Kate's wedding and engagement rings to the jeweler to have them cleaned and polished and soldered together as they were intended. Oh, and I have actual WORK to do today, too.

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