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on laziness and late night dog walks

I guess I can be forgiven this, given that I just finished a three-day, 2200-mile drive, but when I finally got back home after eleven days away, I really didn't want to do anything. Not mow the lawn, not cooking a meal, not cleaning up the messy house... all I did was watch TV tonight, really.

Oh, and walk Ajay. His first walk with just me and him. He seemed a bit confused, but otherwise, well, I'm sure to him a walk is a walk. I saw my first lightning bugs of the season; two of them up in a tree in a dark part of the neighborhood. And on the sidewalk near my house I saw a man running, as in running for exercise, in bare feet. Talk about hard core.

I stayed up much too late tonight. With no routine and no one else in the house, one of my first challenges will be to stick to a wake-sleep cycle that is stable and functional.

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