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on alternative 4th of July

For some reason I just didn't feel like braving the crowds at the local city fireworks celebration tonight, even though there were several people I could have gone with. Instead I took an invitation to drive out to some friends who live on a small farm out in an outlying town. We grilled burgers, had a very low-key meal, and then lit up one of their large brush piles into a 10-foot-high bonfire. This was more my speed!

We also noticed that since they live out on the flat, we could see, off in the distance, the simultaneous fireworks displays of five towns off to the south and east. It was kind of surreal seeing them all silent and small and slow-motion, but there was a lot to look at.

It is weird having a holiday in the middle of the week, because it is hard to remember that tomorrow is a work day. I have a lot to do, too.

Our friend Elissa's staying at my house tonight because she leaves town for Tennessee tomorrow early and sleeping on the floor at her now-completely-vacated house would not leave her very rested for the drive in the morning. I already said my good-bye; I won't be up yet when she leaves in the morning. *sigh*, another good friend leaving town.

Disturbing chemical moment of the day: Becca and I ran Ajay to the little park across the street at some point this afternoon. We were both barefoot and when we got back to the house noticed that both our feet were totally black with some kind of fine powder. It was too black for dirt so we had no idea what it was. Copier toner? It was a very odd and semi-comical sight, but fortunately the material, whatever it was, brushed right off.

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