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what am I getting into?

I sometimes think this dog is too old to learn new tricks.

Had another instrument training lesson with Aaron today, and man, did he kick my butt. Unusual attitude recovery, a lot of what he called "Pattern A, Pattern B", and a localizer backcourse approach (I hate those since the needle is both oversensitive and points the wrong way, so it's extra brain and physical effort to keep it centered). Plus his usual precision, precision, precision in the pattern.

He did teach me a really neat way to fly the pattern, though, that helped me a lot. I must remember that, and practice it.

After 1.5 hours, I was exhausted and sweaty, and my brain was only sort of working. I can't remember if this was this difficult the last time I started instrument training, 14 years ago, or if it's harder now because I'm older. He said I was doing pretty well, which I appreciated, so I can't tell if I'm just being too hard on myself or what.

Oh, thing-I'd-never-heard-before of the day from Aaron: Never execute the postlanding checklist until clear of the runway. His reason was that as long as the plane is on the runway, you never know what might happen that might make you need to get airborne again in a hurry.

It's just a flying day today: I have to preside over a flying club meeting at 7 tonight. Whee. I'm going to try to be good and print agendas ahead of time. Meetings go better with printed agendas. But well, I'm lazy.

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