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Ugh, Saturday morning started WAY too early. I had to be up at 7 (having just gotten to bed at 3am, fairly drunk, no less) and at the airport at 8 in order to help wash and wax the three aircraft. Now, waxing and buffing a car is hard enough work, and while you wouldn't think an aircraft would be much harder, there is a lot of wing surface area, and of course the undersides of all the flight surfaces have to be done too. So by 11am when we were done, everyone had very achy arm and shoulder muscles, and we were all hot and covered in grease and wax.

It was kind of a surreal experience taxiing the planes back to their tiedowns: it just seems WRONG to climb into a plane, start the engine, and begin taxiing without having run through the checklists! It's so ingrained into pilots to make sure everything is set just right for flying that it's really unnatural when it doesn't happen. But of course, when the plane only needs to go a few hundred yards, on the ground, there's no sense in making sure the flight controls work, all the instruments are set right, and so on.

I treated myself to a big fat unhealthy breakfast at my favorite greasy spoon afterwards, but the air conditioning had failed there so it wasn't very much fun drinking hot coffee and eating hot eggs and bacon in a stuffy, hot diner, when I was already hot from washing and waxing an aircraft in the hot sun. Oh well.

I took a nap when I got home, damn straight I did, and Saturday night Becca and I went to see Joni Laurence, a local "mainstay" folk performer. I really like her, and have a very distant connection to her by virtue of having one of my friends maintaining her website and a good friend and sometimes co-performer of hers being the partner of one of Kate's professors. Some things about living in a relatively small town are really great, and these little connections between people that keep popping up is one of them.

So both my weekend days were quite pleasantly social and/or productive. Not bad considering I was expecting to spend it all alone.

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