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on merciful ground school, and sick pets

I left work too early today... I had a way lot to do, but I had a flight lesson scheduled at 1pm, so off I went. It's really hot here today, dewpoint in the upper 70's, sunny, little wind, and generally miserable. Well, Aaron showed up and said "I just got out of instructing for 3 hours in a Seminole, and there is no way I'm going up again in a hot airplane on a day like today."

So we had 1.5 hours of ground school in the air-conditioned FBO instead. Disappointing not to actually go up in the plane, but he's right: it would have been miserable, hot, sweaty, and turbulent on top of it with all this convection from the hot farmlands. Oh well.

I got back home intending to go right back to work, but Ajay is having a recurring, um, intestinal problem. And this time it was apparently painful enough for him that afterwards he puked as well. He needs to go to the vet anyway, so I'm going to do that instead.

Thus giving myself EVEN MORE work to do later on, but I'll try to catch up later tonight and tomorrow.

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