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I seem to be in a rut of "weekend catchup" entries. Oh well.

Friday after work I wound up watching the original uncut version of Towering Inferno, the classic 70's disaster movie. It was as campy and periodesque as I remember it, except that watching it now, Steve McQueen's dark warning to Paul Newman sent chills up my spine.

You architects keep building them taller and taller, knowing we can't effectively fight fires above the twelfth storey. One day there'll be a fire so bad that a skyscraper will just come tumbling down.

In any event, after the movie was over Becca and I went to a housewarming party at Andy and Mariolga's. It was mostly psych people, which I'm comfortable around. I did meet one of the incoming first-years, a woman named Sarah that seemed very cool and nice and hopefully I'll see more of at future events. Becca was doing just fine flirting with someone until it all got interrupted by her old Psych 100 TA. And I got to catch up with some people that I hadn't seen in a while.

Everyone asked about Kate, and I did my best to explain how her internship is going, but I don't know all the language and what's "interesting" from an academic psychology standpoint vs. what I personally find interesting about her work.

One of the more amusing moments at the party was Sarah asking if Becca and I are brother and sister. Since then we've asked people if they see any resemblance (I really don't, except that we both have blue eyes), and the jury is still out I guess. I suppose we do have that certain friendly and familiar banter that might be perceived as familial.

I had a good night. It reminded me that I really do have a lot of friends in this town.

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