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on real city newspapers and San Francisco

So this is a pretty nice hotel, and I get a local copy of the San Francisco Chronicle outside my room every morning.

The Sunday magazine had THREE crossword puzzles! And there were TWO of the 15x15 "daily-size" puzzles in this morning's edition! I did one of them while eating breakfast at a place advertising "best breakfast in San Francisco" (it was fine, but I certainly wouldn't go that far), and the second in my room before heading down to the conference.

And why can't the rest of the country have columnists like Jon Carroll?

The news seems more interesting and somewhat less biased than, say,, my usual news source. It kind of makes me want to subscribe to, say, the Chicago Tribune. But in my daily life I rarely have time to actually read the paper. It dawns on me that web news is as bad as TV "headline" news for sound-bite, biased, sensationalist news for the lazy.

It's chilly here. I didn't pack enough long-sleeve shirts, but I'm surviving on layers and my jacket. My friend Diana had to go shopping, since she, being a highly-paid executive, has to dress the part, so came with only skirts and dresses--little ones, because it's summer, no? She also showed up at the reception last night in a brand new pair of shoes, saying that all she'd brought were sandals. I dunno, though, I've been wearing my sandals and been quite comfy. It's not THAT cold here.

San Francisco fog is really quite captivating. It results in the same low-cloud, drab, gray environment that makes Seattle so depressing, but there's something magical about how it rolls in and out, and gathers in valleys, and obscures the hills. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem drab and gray.

Wonder where I'll have dinner tonight? I have to speak at 8am tomorrow, so I shouldn't make it too late a night.

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